Cigars, Drum Kits & Kilim Rugs - A Collaboration with Phil Taylors Cool Stuff

My life has been getting a whole lot more rock ‘n’ roll of late, that’s to say, an overflow of antiques that had somehow built up in our living room has now been moved out to make way for my wife’s drum kit. And if that isn’t proof enough, we are now collaborating with Phil Taylors Cool Stuff.

Those of you who know Phil might have heard about his formative years in the music industry and there’s a part of Phil that is still on the tour bus.

We got a small insight into Phil’s musical career when we found ourselves in a basement restaurant somewhere between Soho and Covent Garden, we were there with Phil and a few other dealers who were standing at The Decorative Fair, Battersea. It transpired that this private members club was where Phil stored his personal possessions whilst away on tour with the band.

However, these days Phil’s time away is motivated by the pursuit of rare, high quality kilim rugs. Having spent an initial five months travelling through Turkey, learning from the most experienced dealers and collector's, Phil now visits the country five or six times a year to source rugs and continue his learning.

Whilst our earlier introduction to Phil was through a shared love of English country furniture and we have helped Phil source pieces for The Decorative Fair and his gallery in Lillie Road ever since. We both appreciate a rich layered approach to interior design and particularly the importance of rugs.

It is no wonder leading interior designers invariably chose rugs early on in the design process. The importance of choosing the right rug is fundamental to how a room will ultimately look and feel.

The colours and textures of the rugs Phil sources are magnificent and we are delighted to be stocking an interesting cross section of Phil’s collection, covering many geographic areas, different creative styles and techniques.

This collaboration enables us to draw on each other’s strengths to enhance our respective offers in both London and the Cotswold’s.

We already have a number of these Kilim rugs available to view in our retail space on the first floor of The Malthouse Collective in Stroud and we will be adding to these over the next few weeks. We would of course encourage you to view Phil’s larger collection of rugs in Lillie Road, London. However, if The Malthouse Collective in Stroud is more convenient for you, this could be a great starting point for your search. We will also be listing these rugs on our website.

Whilst The Malthouse staff will be happy to assist you, we would welcome the opportunity to show you the kilim rugs in person so do please feel free to contact us to arrange a suitable time and date.